Certified International Management Assistant ZfU

Certified International Management Assistant ZfU

CHF 4'980.00

Prepare yourself for the challenges in a fast-changing international business world and become a strong and indispensable partner in the company.

In this course, based on the two modules «Intercultural competence for global cooperation» and «Let’s talk business», you expand and strengthen the skills you need as an international management assistant.

You will focus on the dynamics, challenges and success factors when cooperating internationally and also profit from a very practice-oriented introduction to the cultural dimensions relevant for global communication and coordination.

Management skills alone are not enough to assert oneself on the international stage. The perfect juggling of the intercultural factors and the Englisch business language are very important parts of your performance.

Each module lasts for 2 days. In general you are free to choose the order of the modules. It is therefore possible to start the course at any time.

Your Profit

  • You will increase your international business know-how
  • You will be aware of the intercultural impact on your work
  • You can identify what’s going on in the background
  • You will know how to handle a high variety of mind-sets
  • You will receive tools and techniques for successful multi-national cooperation
  • You will profit from the exchange of experience within the group and a trainer who has been working internationally for more than 26 years
  • You will increase your fluency when speaking English
  • You will expand your rhetorical toolbox and flexibility
  • You will strengthen your ability to react spontaneously in a foreign language
  • You will know how to adapt your communication style to the cultures you do business with
  • You will brush up your English writing style
  • You will broaden your range of expressions
  • You will enjoy an interactive workshop format
  • You will exchange tips for tricky conversations and emails
  • You will find out how to develop your most successful communication style
  • You will get your message across and connect with your international contacts


Assistants, office managers and team members who work and communicate internationally. People who wish to work confidently and efficiently when cooperating with business people from all over the world. Fluent English language skills are mandatory.

Working Method

Trainer input, phrase banks, exchange of experience, best practice strategies, discussions, exercises, language activities, workshops, phrase banks, questionnaires, self-assessments, short video clips for illustration



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