Intercultural competence for global cooperation

Intercultural competence for global cooperation

CHF 2'980.00

This workshop will focus on the dynamics, challenges and success factors when cooperating internationally. You will profit from a very practice-oriented introduction to the cultural dimensions relevant for global communication and coordination. We will also highlight country-specific aspects and the different mind-sets you handle in your multi-cultural work setting. Receive an overview of different communication styles, values and work priorities world-wide. We will discuss tools and techniques to handle these challenges skillfully and smoothly. We will sharpen our awareness of the intercultural impact on business interactions and find result-oriented solutions for tricky business situations.

Main topics

Good to know!

  • International business ideals in contrast to Swiss work priorities
  • The most invisible culture clashes – and how to avoid them
  • Quick fix: Profiting from practice-proven ‘best-of’ strategies
  • The best motivational triggers around the world
  • How do other cultures see us?

Communicating successfully

  • Reading between the lines: What’s the message behind the message?
  • List of ‚secret codes’ typical for very indirect cultures
  • How to talk about mistakes, delays and problems without losing momentum

Timelines, planning, efficiency

  • Mañana meets strict Swiss deadlines: Why time commitment differs
  • Handling highly dynamic business settings with fast changing priorities
  • How to get what you need

Hierarchy and status

  • Top-down hierarchy meets team-orientation: Who is who? What to do
  • Hierarchical danger zones
  • How to get out of the status trap

How to increase efficiency

  • What it takes to strengthen commitment and get things done

Your Profit

  • You will increase your international business know-how
  • You will be aware of the intercultural impact on your work
  • You can identify what’s going on in the background
  • You will know how to handle a high variety of mind-sets
  • You will receive tools and techniques for successful multi-national cooperation
  • You will profit from the exchange of experience within the group and a trainer who has been working internationally for more than 26 years


Assistants and team members who work in international contexts and wish to increase their intercultural competence. Fluent English language skills are mandatory.

Working Method

Trainer input, case studies, best practice procedures, exchange of experience, discussions, workshops, self-assessment questionnaires, short video clips for illustration, reality-checks: Which solutions work in which context and for which personality?


Day 1: 09:00 - 17:00

Day 2: 09:00 - 16:30



Seminar 2 Tage
ZfU International Business School
Digitale Dokumentation, Mittagessen, Pausenverpflegung
DirektionsassistentInnen, HR-Manager, Management-AssistentInnen, Office Manager

Veranstaltungen in Thalwil

Hotel Sedartis, Bahnhofstrasse 15-16, 8800 Thalwil

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