Let’s talk business

Let’s talk business

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Update and upgrade your English communication style for a fast-changing international business world. In this workshop you will receive a practical guide to handle business communication with contacts from all over the world. You will broaden your language skills and fine-tune your communication style to the cultures you do business with. You will receive language support for difficult situations, modern phrase banks and a list of the best rhetorical ‘door openers’ for your telephone calls, emails and online meetings.

Main topics

English phone calls – No problem!

  • Key skills to communicate smoothly and confidently on the phone
  • Modern phrases, friendly style
  • Clarifying tasks in a motivating way
  • Breaking bad news diplomatically
  • Your Indian business partner has a rather strong accent, your Chinese contact speaks English very poorly, your American caller talks too fast, ….
  • How to handle difficult phone calls

Workshop: Let’s do it!

  • Let’s discuss and practice some of your typical phone calls
  • Get answers to your questions and practice-proven support for your daily tasks
  • (The topics will be defined by the participants)

Challenges of multi-cultural meetings

  • Must-do’s and No-goes for international meetings
  • Handling low levels of English as well as native speakers
  • Intercultural success factors to be aware of
  • Checklist for successful online meetings
  • Best practice recommendations

Workshop: Let’s do it!

  • How to get a great start and create a motivating atmosphere
  • Language ‘niceties’ to spotlight dramatically different levels of politeness
  • Small talk in meetings: Timing, tools and topics

E-mail support

  • Time to update your writing style? Quick fix
  • British ‘black list’ of outdated email phrases
  • Broaden your range of expressions: Top sentences to get started
  • How to come to an end
  • Diplomatic strategies for tricky emails

Workshops: Let’s do it!

  • Let’s write some sample mails

Your Profit

  • You will increase your fluency when speaking English
  • You will expand your rhetorical toolbox and flexibility
  • You will strengthen your ability to react spontaneously in a foreign language
  • You will know how to adapt your communication style to the cultures you do business with
  • You will brush up your English writing style
  • You will broaden your range of expressions
  • You will enjoy an interactive workshop format
  • You will exchange tips for tricky conversations and emails
  • You will find out how to develop your most successful communication style
  • You will get your message across and connect with your international contacts


Assistants, office managers and team members who wish to communicate confidently and efficiently when cooperating with business people from all over the world. Fluent English language skills are mandatory.

Working Method

Trainer input, phrase banks, exchange of experience, best practice strategies, discussions, exercises, language activities, workshops, phrase banks, questionnaires, self-assessments, short video clips for illustration

Secedule Day 1: 09:00 - 17:00 Day 2: 09:00 - 16:30



Seminar 2 Tage
ZfU International Business School
Digitale Dokumentation, Mittagessen, Pausenverpflegung
DirektionsassistentInnen, Management-AssistentInnen, Sekretärinnen

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